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Hi there~welcome! I'm Hannah, and this is a collection of pictures, quotes, and songs that I love. Hope they put a smile on your face. Have a beautiful day ☀ To exit, just click anywhere

Saw this on a random bench, and it just made me really sad.. Sometimes it’s good to just sit and observe your surroundings in solitude for a while but notice how it says “many hours”.. This hit me hard, sometimes we live like we have an unlimited amount of hours to live, one day we’re sitting on a bench enjoying the scenery the next we might be in a casket. I realised that i dont want to react to life anymore, i want to live it by my own terms. Maybe someday i’ll get a bench in memory of my existence, but a small statute or a paragraph about me in a well known book on how i LIVED my life would be an even greater honour.
"In memory of W.G Findlay Who spent many hours On this seat Watching the world go by “

cool Periwinkle sky, Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers
Sunday Morning Playlist